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 At "A Spa Above", we offer a variety of Lactic Peels.... We will customize the Lactic peel that will fit your needs and expectations

 What is a Lactic Peel?  A Lactic peel is a humectant and milder than a glycolic peel and considered to be a great starter peel or a peel for maintenance.  The varied strengths are 15%, 20%, 30%, 40% ,45% 50%, and higher.   A Lactic peel is the application of a lactic acid to the skin’s surface to rejuvenate the skin by the process of exfoliation (breaking apart the cellular glue). Lactic acid is an alpha hydroxyl (AHA) acid naturally derived from milk.  Lactic acid is a humectant, retains moisture in the skin’s surface and a great introductory peel for all skin types and for preventative maintenance.

The Lactic Acid Brightening peel contains 45% Lactic Acid and 2% Hydroquinone

What to expect during a professional peel:  Your skin will be cleansed and dried.  Solution (% varies) will be applied and you will begin to feel a slight itching and tingling sensation during the treatment.  The amount of time the solution is kept on the skin will vary (approximately 1 – 4 minutes).  Once the peel has taken place, the skin will be neutralized and dried.  Then a serum will be massaged into your skin, along with a 10 minute session of LED therapy or a brightening mask.  Lastly, a moisturizer with sunscreen will be applied and you will leave with refreshed appearance and smoother skin.

What to expect after the Lactic peel:  As with other chemical peels, Lactic acid peels help to remove germs, dead cells and toxins from the skin. People who have them done often report that their skin feels much smoother and looks more toned than before.  Although lactic acid peels are gentler, they usually provide many of the same benefits as the other peels, but in a less intense version. The lactic acid peel can provide a significant benefit to your skin. You can reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles and help to improve acne or oily skin. Dry skin will benefit from a lactic acid peel, as it can restore PH and help the skin drink in moisture you provide (in the form of good-quality moisturizers).

What are the Post-treatment instructions?  Post care instructions will be discussed. We offer an array of products that will help maximize the your peel.  We always encourage SPF 30+ to be worn at all times after any of our professional treatments.