Laser and RF Treatments
LVA/ Leg Veins and Vascular Treatments

Get clear skin and smooth legs they desire and resolve vascular lesions in 1-3 treatments. Syneron Vascular Treatment is simply safer and more effective because our systems require significantly less energy than conventional lasers and IPLs, and help you accomplish highly selective targeting.

How Leg Vein and Vascular Treatments Work?

The unique elõs™ combination of light and radio frequency (RF) energies provides controlled selective thermolysis to vascular lesions including telangiectasias and veins up to 4mm in diameter.

How does Leg & Facial Vein Treatment with elõs™ LV Applicator work?

The LV Applicator combines safe and effective levels of laser and radiofrequency (electric current) energies to remove leg veins and other unwanted vessels. Both laser and radiofrequency have been used separately for decades in medicine and surgery, but the LV exclusively combines light and electric energy for ideal treatment outcomes – improve leg veins and vascular lesions with a very low risk of side effects.

What results can one expect from the LV Applicator treatment?

The LV can improve unsightly leg veins, under eye veins, temple veins, facial spider veins and other unwanted vascular lesions. Spider veins and larger blue-green vessels on legs will gradually fade and can be treated until satisfaction has been reached.

How many treatments are required?

Most patients will have between 1-3 treatments. Some vessels may require more than 3 treatment sessions.

How often are treatments done?

Treatments depend on the desired outcome.  Usually 1 – 3 treatments are recommended.  Treatment sessions are typically 4-6 weeks apart for facial veins and 6-8 for the legs/ body.

Who should be treated with the LV Applicator?

Anyone with unwanted leg veins or vascular lesions may be a candidate for treatment with the LV. Removal of vascular lesions and veins with elõs™ technology (laser and radio frequency) is a safe and effective alternative for patients who want non-invasive approach to vascular treatment. LV is the clear choice for patients who do not like needles or who have had adverse reaction to solutions that are injected into the vein during Sclerotherapy or Asclera.  LV is highly  a great follow-up treatment for patients who have been treated with Asclera to help get the most of their treatment by achieving an advanced result .