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  Discover the health benefits of Massage - Set aside some time for a relaxing, purifying and rejuvenating experience.   You deserve to look and feel great - both inside and out!!!!

 A Spa Above is proud to have Christine Cipriano, a licensed massage therapist, provide you with the rejuvenating, relaxing, stimulating and strengthening benefits of massage.


~ Mission Statement ~

To provide my clients the opportunity to live a healthy,
balanced and successful life; body, mind and spirit,
through the passionate intention of 
Total Body Wellness

about Christine Cipriano:

     An avid sport & fitness enthusiast since my early teens, I have always been concerned with maintaining an optimum level of physical fitness and overall wellness.  My interest in golfing began in the early 1970's and has become my second passion. 
During the years at a prominent financial depository, I discovered an affinity for the healing arts and immediately
started working on establishing myself as a certified wellness practitioner. That was a decade ago and I have been building my skill set since!

                              When the opportunity arose, I decided to embrace my life's passions and make a career change.

               I am proud to be your Touch Point in providing these services that are beneficial to living an optimum healthy lifestyle.

                                                           Christine Cipriano